Professional Websites

Professional Websites are primarily for service based businesses. You are not selling a product, but rather a skill set or a service. You need your customers to be able to find you through the clutter of other sites in the search engines. On a local level, this is great for medical practices, law offices and accountants. Plumbers, electricians and other home improvement contractors. This is even great for stores who want customers to find them, but do not want to sell their product online.

This type of site is also great for non-profits with limited blogs, such as monthly or weekly updates. On a global level this type of site is great for global traders, travel agencies, international lawyers and online service based businesses.

Included in this type of site are a sharp home page, an about page and a contact page. Also you might have services pages, directions and a blog. Additional functions common of this website type are contact forms, google maps, mobile phone compatibility and sometimes a welcome video.

In addition to URL registration and hosting, classic services would include internal and external SEO.  We also link you to social network pages. Our email forwarding to give you a professional looking profile.

The cost for these types of pages are typically around $3,500 to $7,500 for the actual build. Exact price depends on specs.  The amount of graphic work and copy-writing our team will be required to do plays a role. Monthly hosting and maintenance is generally in the $200 range. This is usually paired with a robust monthly SEO package in the $200-$400 range.

This is more than just a web site. It is a complete online marketing solution. We will help you determine what the best keywords are. We will then work on raising your site's rankings for those keywords. We will also help you maintain the social circle that is key to successful online marketing. We help you properly brand yourself to stand out from the competition.

Featured Web Site

Rush Messenger Service has been in business since 1979, serving Southern Florida with same day pickup and delivery service. For decades, Rush has relied on their good reputation, reliability and great customer service to attain and retain business. "For almost 40 years, we relied on this to generate business, but in today's world we found our competitors gaining on us. Though we had a better service, they were simply doing more online. It's the way consumers find couriers these days. WebStudio18 helped us turn that around with a clean, easy to use website and SEO work that put us at the top of the rankings in our market".

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